Today I installed AllPeers. There were lots of rumours around AllPeers, and I wondered if they really will come out with a beta. They are a few months late, but now its there.

AllPeers is a Firefox extension that enables P2P file sharing using the browser. Files can be shared with your buddies by drag and drop a file or a folder on your buddy list – very easy. The core technology is based on bittorent.

First impressions: Nice UI, easy to use, fast file transfer, and very robust. No matter if you close the browser, do a system restart or you lost your connection – file transfers will be picked up immediatly when Firefox is back.

Unfortunatly there is no stand alone client for now – thats what I liked when I tested FolderShare. But since Microsoft acquired FolderShare a year ago, I don´t put too much trust into their privacy statement.

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