After Work Ping Pong

ok, I did not tell the full story and showed just the results. As always, it´s not the result, it´s about the way of getting these results. And this time it´s a funny way, too.

Everything started with an instant message from Stefan, asking me for a very short experiment with a software he was testing. ok, only five minutes, so lets start.

  1. First step, explain what it´s all about: An Online Meeting Tool from NetViewer.
  2. The procedure: Meeting Originator sends a customized executable via email to me as an attendee.
  3. After five minutes, I ask again for the email – my inbox is empty.
  4. Originator checks his system and found the outgoing mail quarantined by his virus scanner. He releases the mail and sends me an Instant Message telling me all problems are solved.
  5. Again, after five minutes, no email in my inbox.
  6. Sender checks email again. This time my virus scanner refused the email because it is an executable.
  7. Sender sends same email to my private account.
  8. Again, no email arrives. Sender checks log: host not responding
  9. Sender sends same email to my gmail account.
  10. gmail returns the email: executable not allowed
  11. ok ok ok, I know what you all think. Why the hell don´t you zip this god damned file and send the zip file? Well, ok then. It was late in the evening after a hard day. But he did it finally.
  12. Waited a few minutes, no email.
  13. Sender checked his email – gmail refused the zip file, too. Good work, gmail!
  14. I know we have in our company a much simpler procedure than gmail, zipped attachments are allowed. Sender sends now the file again to my business account.

After 45 Minutes, we had it working. „A short test“. Well done.

What are the lessons learned: A software that requires sending executables is not realy cool. Second, knowing the way a virus scanner works helps a lot. Especially when you explain this kind of stuff every day to your customers. Third: IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Webconferencing (the software formerly known as Sametime) is way more cool.

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