Activity Explorer rocks

This is the coolest thing I saw today: The new Activity Explorer features. I love the concept of activity centric collaboration a lot since IBM came out with it last year. I played around with it for a time, but the slow Workplace Managed Client 2.5 (WMC) was not really fun working with. This changed now. WMC 2.6 is significantly faster, but in addition the new web interface gives you full access to the Activity Explorer functionality.

IBM plans to release the Activity Explorer as a separat server component, so even Non-Notes or Non-Workplace Shops can use it. Actually it is only a 70 MB installation file, and the server runs on a Tomcat installation. Unfortunatly nobody could tell me how IBM will deliver the final version – maybe as standalone version as well as as part of the Workplace server.

You can integrate any third party application, and I just saw the Firefox and Microsoft Word Integration. Want to add your contract document to a recent activity? Simple press a button in MS Word and there it goes.

Through using the web interface on a separate server infrastructure you can use this tool for collaboration within your organization as well as with external co-workers. Simple invite them via e-Mail and they can work with you on a project or activity. You can keep the overview of your threads not only in the client or web interface, you can have all the information pushed to your favourite RSS reader.

I got a demo of Activity Explorer in „Hannover“ as well, and it looks even better there. Really – I can´t wait to get this thing up and running in my office.

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