A real enablement

I am not allowed to talk in depth about it. But I spent two days with IBM here in Berlin talking about Sametime 7.5 and the upcoming Hannover-Release aka Lotus Notes 8. And I am feeling much better about all this. As an American I would probably say: I am excited, but I am German 🙂

First it was a great success starting the dialogue in our XCOM development teams – the Eclipse guys AND the Lotus Notes guys. Both started talking with each other. And they begin to understand both worlds and see value in it.

Second I learned a lot about Eclipse, Lotus Expeditor and the J2EE environment. While we as the Notes guys preferrable look at Lotus Notes 8 in terms of the new UI or the new features within the Notes environment, the Ecplise guys look at the technical foundation and new ways of building composite apps. I learned a lot about „perspectives“, „view parts“ and „contributions“ – and I see a huge potential to integrate our Eclipse based application into the collaborative environment of Lotus Notes with the upcoming release.

Finally I can say that this session was the best „IBM technology enablement“ we ever had. Its always about people. You can have great software engineers talking to you – but you will not understand if they don´t speak your language. Volker speaks both languages – the Notes and the J2EE language. And additionally he could translate everything into my non-technical business guy language. So here is a big thank you. And look forward to have our first „Hannover“ application ready to present in December.

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