Monat: Januar 2009

  • Opening Session Lotusphere 2009

    Time to wrap up the announcements from this mornings Lotusphere opening session. First we had a great start. Seated in beanbags right in front of the stage with access to a fixed LAN and power for our laptops was really great. IBM and especially Erica did a great job to make us feel comfortable. Beeing…

  • Special Blogger Seating

    Did not know that front row seating for Bloggers would be THAT special when I read the invitation letter. Photo by Volker. [ad name=“ad-1″]

  • R.I.P. NSFDB2

    Just attended the Press & Analyst briefing. Mick Moignard about Bob Picciano´s answer to the big question: what happened to DB2 support in Lotus Domino? NSFDB2 is dead, or at least, isn’t going to be resuscitated, according to Bob Picciano himself. In the Press briefing, he was asked where it was going, and he confirmed…

  • Top 10 reasons to upgrade to Notes 8.5 & Domino 8.5

    Just saw this list for the first time on Ed Brill´s INV102 slides: Lotus Notes 8.5: 1. Drag/Drop of Text within rich text editor 2. Offline support for Activities 3. Choose from multiple addresses for a person in typeahead 4. Ability to make your own views look like the PIM views 5. Forward contact as…

  • Lotus NoConnections

    Still not able to connect to other Lotusphere attendees via Lotus Connections. At least it sends an invitation to connect – but with a huge list of Java errors. [ad name=“ad-1″]

  • Opening General Session Live

    I will not try to compete with all the Live Blogger & Twitters this morning. So here is simply my Twitter stream. I will blog about all my impressions this afternoon. For now just follow #LS09 or @Lotusphere to see all the updates this morning. Got to go now to find my „bloggers´s den“ sign…

  • 10+

    Figure out the differences. [ad name=“ad-1″]

  • Scary

    [ad name=“ad-1″]

  • Lotus iNotes Testdrive

    Since I do not use a Domino server for my mail anymore I was very curious to see how the iPhone optimized iNotes Ultralite looks like. Lotusphere Online Mail comes now in in three flavours: tall (Ultralite), grande (Lite) and venti (Full). And I like the Ultralite client: very fast, iPhone look & feel, easy…

  • Arrived

    Last years trip to Orlando was worse. I had to spent the night in New York due to late arrival. This year I was on time – but I almost lost my sense of hearing. Eight hours of continuos chatting, crying and ranting on my right side. I thought I had a reservation for a…